Assignment 1 – Second Attempt at Merge

On my first test shoot I photographed 5 places but out of them 5, 3 places did not work due to wrong composition or angle. This made me realise that you really do need to be precise when you are attempting to combine new with the old. The 3 places that did not work were the cathedral, Trinity Lane and Swanswell Park, I plan on reshooting these places to achieve the correct composition and angle.

However now that I had achieved one correct merge I decided to work on the other photograph that did work. Once again using the same technique as before I import both photographs into photoshop and slowly took away parts of the image.


Luckily I was able to find a larger version of the old photograph however it was a horrid yellow colour so to achieve a better look and merge I changed it to black and white. Personally this was much easier to achieve than my first attempt a merge. Especially the building as its almost difficult to tell which is old and which is new. It makes you realise that even as many things change around us, something remain due to its historic value. I also purposely kept the person and car from the olden time photograph as it allows you to see that everything is changing around us including the people and their vehicles .


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