Assignment 1 – Relating to a text

The reason behind all of our seminars on multiple readings was so that we could relate our work to a text we felt was relevant to our idea and what we want to portray throughout our project. Whilst I feel my project could relate to a few of the themes within the readings I chose to stick with ‘Means of Surveillance’ by Tagg J (1988). Chapter 3 of the book seemed to carry a set theme in which it was how photography allows us to document the truth, and how it allows us to produce accurate evidence of the an event or time at hand. Tagg continues to show how we as photographer have the power to make a statement that is in question, truthful or false just by presenting a photograph that relates to that information in question.

The question is can the camera lie? There continues to this day to be arguments for and against this statement because as we are currently living in the digital age meaning we are constantly question whether a photograph is real due to possible manipulation but depending on the matter at hand does that make it any less factual based?

This is where my link comes in, my project contains a lot of history from old imagery to new imagery I have taken in 2013. However the way I have decided to represent city regeneration through the merging of old and new makes you question whether it is a truthful outlook on the history that surrounds us. The answer to that is ‘YES’ because I have produced a series of photographs that document the change that has happened around us, I have provided evidence of where the photograph was taken and then reconstructed the information I found to  present a truthful outlook of city regeneration around Coventry City.


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