Assignment 1 – Ninth Merge


I was in debate on whether to include this photograph of the Ford’s Hospital as I did struggle to get the right angle and I also was not sure about which part to erase. However I feel that because only a small part of this build remains today, I must include it as this building was destroyed by some of the earlier Blitz bombings which allows it to fit into mass destruction to then start regeneration. It is clear that they felt the need to save as much of the building as possible to create that historical reminder within the city. This took a little longer to edit than the other due to the angling being slightly, so this meant i had to slightly shift the rotation of the photograph to get it lined up a little straighter. However doing this slightly disjointed the curb. I feel that the slight fade in the top left corner gives the photograph a rather old feel as over time memories of our past begins to fade.


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