Assignment 1 – Jim Adams

Looking for some further research I came across Jim Adams. He tends to use a Nikon D90 and the passion he has for photography started at a young age when his parents would always have a camera with them. He was a huge photography magazine fan in which he then decided to attend the Art School in which he ‘learned how to make photographs, not just snap pictures.’ – Quote from Jim Adams. To further his education he went to study at the Art Institute of Philadelphia to study photography however two years later he chose to drop out as he felt their were not enough career options in the industry. He chose to go into the IT industry in which he has a successful 20 years in the industry and then he decided to pick up his camera once more in which he now creates these photographs in his spare time.

Instead of merging he finds physical photographs of a location, then revisits that scene and sometimes he holds the photograph up but most of the time he visits the place, photographs it, then overlays the old photograph on top of it in photoshop such as the one below:

As you can see his precision is spectacular, matching the curvature of the road to the lining of the buildings. I like the way he has kept his own photograph in colour, as this allows the entire photograph to stand out, each photograph compliments the other.

A barn is pictured in 1937 and 2010

However, once he uses a physical print at the location, things become a little more complex as the paper begins the bend and accuracy becomes a lot more difficult to achieve. Whilst he has matched it correctly on the left roof, the right one is quite far off but it still gives that affect of change and regeneration.

The lighthouse keeper’s garden is pictured in 1920 and 2010

The more I look at these photographs the more interesting I find them and it is definitely something I am considering trying in the future because I find it really affective in sending a message of change and history. He uses this skill to combine old history with new history in a single photograph.


This one I feel is extremely precise, the way every pillar of the house matches up is extremely clever. The only part that does not quite match are the doors, but once again its creating that historic atmosphere and showing how over time things get regenerated to look more modern.

More information can be found here :


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