Assignment 1 – Ireland Book Talk

When visiting Ireland, we were given a talk by Kate Nolan in which she discussed her 3 year project called ‘Neither’. She based her project on women in Kaliningrad in which she wanted to capture their identity within this little island in Europe.  She was fortunate enough to live with a few women whilst out there in which they shared the most private thoughts that consumed there minds on a daily basis. Her aim was to understand the link between a place, an identity and the history. Kaliningrad Oblas is a small part in between Eastern Europe which is then separated from the main land of Russia by Lithuania and then Belarus. This small piece of land has now become isolated and is not classed as a part of Europe.

During the talk she mentioned how when creating her book she made a lot of ‘dummies’ as having the physically layout infront of you allows you to really consider what you final publication would look like. One thing I really liked about her book was her unique take in presentation. She had a page which consisted of her image, but in between each page contained a little strip of paper which had parts of letters that the woman wrote to her when they felt they needed to express themselves.

kate 1 kate 2 kate 4 kate 3

A lot has to go into book publications such as the cost. She paid the graphic designer £3000 but in total the amount of books she will be printing will cost roughly £7000-£8000. She will be selling the book for £25-£30. When asked if she will be creating a digital version of her book, she said she would only ever consider that if her book was to completely sell out in which she would then create an e-book. Throughout the project she used film rather than digital.!__neither-synopsis

The second talk was by Paul Gaffney. He produced a series of landscapes called ‘we make the path by walking’ in which he walked 30-40km a day across South France, Portugal and Spain. He wanted the images to link a flow, so when thinking about the book layout he considered colour and composition so there was a nice flow form one photograph to the next. He decided to put a poem in the back of the book, so once you had read that and thought about it, it makes you want to revisit and go back through the book because you now have the context. Gaffney used digital and decided to use a total of 43 photographs. He said how he is drawn to small books, and he literally will buy most books that are a similar size as they nicely fit on shelf rather than having an over hang. He will be putting his price at £15-£20 as he feels people will more likely take the risk and just buy the book. When he looks at photo books he doesn’t like it when a large image spreads over two pages, as quite a bit of the image gets lost in the bind, so I was a little confused as to why he included some photographs that spread over two pages. He likes a book that lies flat as it fits nicely into the hand, and become a lot easier to hold when viewing the book.  He used the Canon 5D mark ii and when editing the photographs he made sure they were all cropped to the same proportion. He kept his images very natural as hardly any editing was done to the colour, he only added a slight contrast to some of his images.

Here are some of his photographs:
Paul Gaffney_We Make The Path By_Walking_Low_Res-1

We Make The Path By Walking

We Make The Path By Walking

We Make The Path By Walking

Paul Gaffney_We Make The Path By_Walking_Low_Res-5

More of his work can be found here :


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