Assignment 1 – Fourth Merge

I then decided to edit the 3 different photographs in Swanswell Park. I found these not only related to regeneration but also how change happens in the people within the City.

swanswell park 4

I actually found this photograph, though simple, rather interesting as one key thing that has been removed over the years were the railings. Personally, I am curious as to why they decided to remove something that secured safety to the children. The railings allow them to be safe from falling into the water, but now that they have been removed there is a higher risk of an accident accuring. It is amazing how something so simple has been taken away but it can make a drastic impact on the people.

swanswell park 5

This was the one photograph that if you did not know what my theme was, you would not know that two photographs have been combined. This photograph consists of slight deterioration of the island in the middle, as in the original photograph it is much neater around the edge, almost like it has a round curb around the whole island. However now it consists of a run down pile of mud a rubble. Then if you look in the background out building have become much lager than they were back then. SO in conclusion to this photograph it still shows a similarity between both photographs however what is happening around the area it growing in a larger scale.

swanswell 3
This actually took me a while to figure out roughly where this was taken due to some trees being removed since the olden photograph. However when I just stopped and took my time to observe the area I knew I needed to concentrate on the edge of the land in the distance to make sure that matched up, as well as the edge of the pond closest to me. This then made it easier to figure out where to stand, I automatically knew I got the right place when I was lucky enough to have a tree exactly where the tree was in the old photograph. I was in debate on whether to change my own photograph to black and white however I decided I really like the contrast of the vibrant blue sky against the grey of the original as it reminded me of Jim Adams photograph.


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