Assignment 1 – First Attempt at Merging

Now that I had done a test shoot I decided to attempt merging as this would allow me to make sure my idea would work before producing anymore images. Following Shawn Clover’s techniques I found it extremely simple to navigate. The basics steps were to have two layers, it is best to have the new photograph as your base image, and then the second layer being the old photograph. I would then change the opacity to roughly 60% this then allowed me to see both photographs. I would use the ‘eraser tool’ to take away and parts of the photograph I didn’t want. I made sure the brush was the softest it could be as I wanted to create that softer look that Teeuwisse created. However I do not plan on keeping opacity see through, as when I tried this with my photograph it did not give the same effect as there was a lot going on in the photograph at hand.

Here was my first attempt at merge:

Hales Street 2

The one problem I had whilst creating this photograph was that I did have to make it rather small as the original image was low in quality and size. However I really liked how considering the original photograph is so old the building still match up in 2013. The change however is the modernisation of todays buildings such as colour, shape, size and even material that has been used. I find it fascinating how we today, as people feel the need to create artistic sculptures to make a city unique and interesting. The reason I have decided to merge old and new to show regeneration is because I wanted to be creative with what I produced, I wanted it to be interesting to look at as a viewer and make them look harder into the photograph itself and I feel I have achieved that with my first merge photograph.


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