Assignment 1 – Fifth Merge

I chose to then work on the two Cathedral photographs I decided to use considering I did have to go and reshoot to correct my angle and composition. Fortunately, I managed to stand in the right place meaning I was then able to edit properly in photoshop.

Cathedral 3
The original photograph was once again rather small and lost quite a bit of quality, however it actually adds to this historic feel that I am trying to show through my photographs. The original photograph was taken after the Blitz had taken place in which Bishop Gorton walks through the ruins. I chose to make my own photograph black and white as it allowed both photographs to merge as one  as you almost do not realise it is a combination of two. I also added contrast to the old photograph as it was extremely white, so adding this contrast brought back some of the detail and also allowed it to merge with my own photograph a lot smother.

I found this rather interesting because when I visited the cathedral there were some construction fence on the left side of the photograph and I felt this worked with this specific old photograph due to the rubble surrounding the people. When I looked further at the old photograph I found something rather out of place. If you notice all of the people are extremely serious and tragic about the scene that they are walking through, however I looked at the man holding the little book, and it looks like he is actually smiling. I literally had to look a few times to makes sure I was seeing it right, how can someone smile in such a catastrophe.

I feel these two images work out very well, and really show how mass destruction can cause regeneration of a city to take place. It isn’t just shops and buildings that get regenerate just to stay modern. When serious tragedies such as this takes place there is no other option but to start a regeneration scheme so a City can slowly get back to the way it once used to be.


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