Assignment 1 – Eleventh Merge

This was my final photograph I edited as I was not sure on whether it would work, as when I went to the place it was taken a new building had been built. However I chose to continue photographing the area and due to me not being to completely judge the composition due to the new building that had been regenerate I concentrated on the small tip of the church as this was the only part that I could compare to the old and new photograph from looking at it on my phone.

cathedral lanes

When combining these two photographs in photoshop, I knew the only way I could combine them together was to keep the image transparent by changing the opacity. Even after doing this I just was not sure on whether this worked as an image or not but as I looked at it more, I began to see the change and this was when I realised it worked for city regeneration due to the fact that since the original photograph has been taken, something completely new has been created. I also know that the composition is spot on as the tip of the church is my photograph but the rest is the old photograph and they are perfectly in line.

Overall, I feel like my interpretation of city regeneration is rather creative and shows the change throughout Coventry over the years in a very unique way. My next step is to plan my sequence in which it will go into a digital book that I will be creating via Adobe Indesign.


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