Assignment 1 – Critical Reflection

When being set this project I found it rather daunting having to relate my work to texts that we would have to read. However once I began reading the texts I began to notice themes within the chapters that had been given. This made it much easier to figure out which text could relate to the future project I would create.

It did take me a while to decided which theme in the brief  that I would base my whole project on. I found that I struggled to be inspired as I knew I wanted to produce something that was a little more creative. So I decided to sit down and think of little key elements that could be used within each theme. This was when I thought of the New Vs Old idea, but I did not want to simply place the photographs next to each other as I wanted to push a few boundaries to slightly step outside of my comfort zone. I felt that merging two photographs together could be visually interesting as well as contain history within them.

When first starting the project I still did not have that motivation and drive that is needed to be so precise with composition, however once I had done my test shoot and created my first merge photograph, I began to get inspired as I was slowly starting to see the outcome of my idea and this allowed me to continue to find more research regarding historic photographs within Coventry.

One thing I did differently in this project compared to last term was I researched a lot more and this helped add context to my entire project. It also inspired me to produce more photographs as I started to find more photographers that had combined old with the new. But I did not just want to look at ‘merge’ based imagery. As the project is based on City regeneration I wanted to include some photographers that are fascinated by structures that are being regenerated or even ones that deteriorate over time.

Whilst editing I found that I had to have patience with what I want to create and achieve as I wanted to make sure it looked visually correct and accurate, because if I were to remove the wrong  part of the old photograph it can completely change the outcome. This resulted in me trying a variety of different compositions in photoshop to see what part of the image would work best with my own original photograph as some may not be as effective as others.

I think one thing I would of possibly done differently was how I got the found imagery of the olden times. I feel if I would have looked for physical archives of Coventry this could of helped me gain better quality and resolution within the photographs and it could of also allowed my photographs to be bigger so you could see more detail within the scene I had created for the viewer.

In conclusion, I am rather proud of the work I have created as my work would not just attract other photographers but it will interest historians, especially people who still remember the time the Blitz happened, as it will allow their memories of that time to resurface. I feel my interpretation of city regeneration was a unique twist and I can see me using this technique again in the future to show how change surrounds us all, city regeneration is always taking place whether we chose to notice it or not.


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