Assignment 1 – Considering Presentation

When thinking about how I wanted to present my work, I originally planned to make my own physical book bu using the technique of Japanese stab binding. As I have done that form of presentation beofre I knew exactly how to create a physical book.

However, when I thought about what my project consisted of which was very digital based I thought the best way to continue this theme throughout the final piece was to make a digital book via Indesign. I had never used Indesign before so my first stage was to go to a website called magcloud, which explained the settings you needed to use when first opening Indesign. The reason I needed these setting was because if I were to just create a pdf file from Indesign it would not have that digital book layout, so when uploading it to magcloud it automatically changes it to the layout you originally set out in Indesgin.

When considering whether to have a portrait or landscape book I went back to my photographs to see how many of my photographs were actually portrait and landscape. Overall there was a much higher amount of landscapes than portraits, so i thought it would be best to have a landscape as it would allow most of my images to be bigger, compared to f I were to have landscape photographs in a portrait book.

When I opened Indesign with my settings all put in, the layout becomes like this.


As you can see there are a total of 3 lines, the purple being a border line, so if your image was to be inside this line or went up to that line it will have a border surrounding your photograph. If you decide to want a smaller border than the one supplied through your measurements you can go up to the black line as that represents your paper. The red box on the outside is known as the bleed, If you were to take your photographs to this size the whole page will be covered with your chosen photograph.

I then had to consider the way I wanted to layout my photographs. I knew I did not just want my merged photographs within the book, I wanted to include to original photograph so that you can look at the olden time whilst also seeing the changes and regeneration that has taken place over the years. So the original photograph and my new photograph has now become a pair/set meaning I do not exceed my 12-18 pieces in which we are allowed.

The next step was using the rectangle frame tool over my pages so I am able to place my photographs into the book, it also allows me to be more precise to try and a consistency within it.

This became my final layout:

















galaby me

My first information page consists of my aim in this project and also a little information regarding city regeneration.

On the left page contains the old photograph of a place in Coventry. Underneath it there is a small title of where the place is and the year it was taken, this gives the viewer the sense of change that they are seeing.

Then on the right page has the merged photograph I have created. I did not want my layout out to be severely complex as these days people prefer simplicity when reading a book. They do not want to have their heads pulled in different directions to view it.

Now that I had my layout complete, I exported the file but first I had to make it so magcloud would be able to read it. So I went to File>Adobe PDF Presets> Define> you then click new> and on magcloud there was a document we had to download this contains the preset that is need so you now locate that file> you then press done. The box will then close, you then go back to Adobe PDF Presets and select the preset you just installed. You then go back to File and Export the document.

You then go to magcloud click publish > create publication and then upload the pdf you have just created magcloud will then covert this PDF to the layout that you originally had in Indesign. To then download this book you must make the digital version free for download and the download the new PDF they have created. This then gives you that finished digital book you wanted to create.

At first it was a little complicated to create as the program was something I had never used before but this allowed me to learn new skills which I will now be able to use in the future when I continue to create photo books.

Here is my final version of my book : City Regeneration – site to create photobooks


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