Assignment 1 – Harry Enchin

Please go to 1 minute 23 seconds

In the video is a photographer called Harry Enchin. He uses digital photographic techniqes to combine old and new photographs of Toronto, Canada.  In 2012 he received two awards at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. One for ‘Best Computer Altered Fine Art Photography’ and ‘Honorable Mention In Exhibition’. He used archive images from the cities archives, he can easily look at 1000 images until he finds ones that he feels stands out to him. He also likes to consider what the viewers would find interesting, such as them holding an iconic scene or landmark within them.

yonge and king

Compared to Teeuwisse’s merge. He is much more precise, he is adamant on getting exactly the right angle. His technique is also different, whilst Teeuwisse tends to use the ‘erase rubber’ in photoshop to give that faded opacity feel, Enchin prefers to recreate the scene to make it look more of a genuine photograph. He wants to tell a story through the images he is making and I feel he achieves this very well. He is so precise with his work that it looks like two era’s are in the same time.


In the video Enchin seems to be proud of this specific photograph. The old photograph was taken in 1923 and then combined with his photograph of 2011. Here the workers were laying the street car line and he says ‘ Even though they were laughing for the camera, you can sense their work ethic and the pride in their work.’ Before photographing he always has the narrative and composition that he wants to achieve with that set scene. Again this is very historically based, and they all have a keen interest in showing the viewers how our cities became what they are now.


What I really like about his work, is how sharp the detail is, even with the old photographs. It really helps them merge together as one, this image specifically he seems to have used more of the old photograph than the new but I feel the pop of colour from te traffic lights really brings a form of life to this photograph.


This photograph I am not too fond of, I think it is due to the man on the right. He looks rather out of place compared to the other images he has produced. I also feel his photograph is slightly over exposed so it contains a lot bright whites and greys, so it does not create that contrast that the old photograph contains it almost disjoints the image.


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