Assignment 2 – What is Success?

So what is success?


1. the favourable outcome of something attempted
2. the attainment of wealth, fame, etc.
3. an action, performance, etc., that is characterized by success
4. a person or thing that is successful
5. Obsolete any outcome

In a business, it tends to be that the owner feels they have accomplished their set goals. Whether this is to give something back to the community in which they feel something is lacking, or whether it is to get enough public acknowledgement to maintain a steady income to keep the business running smoothly. But why does someone choose to start a business. I believe it starts from having a passion regarding their set expertise. Whether this being engineering, accounting, photography or baking. Once they are set on their passion their next step would be to find an area in which lacks their certain business. e.g if you wanted to set up a photography business you wouldn’t set one up right next to another one. As the competition could be too fierce when you are just starting out.


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