Assignment 2 – Video Idea

Initially my first idea was to use other peoples hobbies or obsessions as I did not have a clear one that I could bass on myself. My idea was to to go around my student accommodation area and ask if they had a hobby. I then would have ask to find out more information. This would have allowed me to look deeper into the way they express and talk about their hobby. To further my idea I would of combined this information to figure what is the borderline of having a hobby to it becoming an obsession. If I found their hobby/obsession interesting enough that it would give me interesting footage to film, I would of asked to interview them regarding their chosen practice. Then later in post production I would have overlapped their interview with footage of their hobby.

However, during a lecture about the Canon 5D, Philip Bloom was brought up. So I decided to do a little bit of research and look into his videography work. This was when I came across this video below:

This was the video that sparked another idea which was completely opposite to my previous plan. I decided to focus my video footage on a small successful business. My specific chosen business is a small cake shop based in Hinckley Leicestershire known as ‘ Helen’s Little Cake Shop’. The reason I decided to go with a business instead of my other idea was because I personally found this idea much more interesting and would be more professional to work around a business.


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