Assignment 1 – Mark Power Research

One specific project that came to mind when thinking of reconstruction was Mark Power’s Superstructure (2000) a documentation of the construction of London’s Millennium Dome. Mark Power was lucky enough to access the Dome whilst it was under construction in 1997. He photographed the interior  and exterior as it gradually became the largest dome of its kind. Mark Power was the only photographer allowed to photograph the dome during construction and it actually took him a while to access the rights to photograph the structure. Throughout 1997-2000 Power actually changed his technical methods of working as he started using colour film with a large format camera. Here are some images of the progression of The Millenium Dome. – Information from a presentation from Mark Power I attended.


As you can see this is at the first stages of the construction, the metal pilars are placed so they are able to slowly build the structure. When such a huge structure is built, it makes you wonder how it affects the people living around the area. Were they for the structure being built or against? This is something I feel construction sites do not consider when making such a building.


Due to his use of a medium format camera, he has been able to get a great amount of detail throughout this dark atmospheric photograph. You can see he has really considered his composition when photographing all his images in this project.


I specifically chose certain images to represent the stages of reconstruction, and how it can be an extremely lengthy process. I also have noticed how he likes to achieve similar compositions and layouts to show the theme and narrative of his work. How a building can look like one thing one day, and look completely different a few days later.


Here the roof has nearly been complete and even though this is a huge accomplishment, they still have so much work to achieve on the inside. Power’s work make you realise the time and effort that goes into construction especially at such a scale as this.


As one structure is made, others around it deteriorate. It makes you think are we focusing on the important things that need to be regenerated? Or are we changing things that only benefits our lifestyles?


The structure is now coming together as a whole, as the seating in the back are slowly being added. I think something that always makes a photograph stand out is ‘lines’. Lines almost segment a photograph and it makes it extremely interesting to analyse.


This is the last photograph in his project. It makes you realise how something so magnificent can be built from absolutely nothing. His whole documentation can be found on his photography page –


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