Assignment 1 – Research

Now that I had a few locations I was able to find them on the previous website, to see how I could possibly incorporate them into the new world that is today.

I first looked at the St Michael’s, a 14th century church which was later called the Cathedral. Only parts of it remains after the bombing during the Second World War.

cathedral looking east
Coventry Cathedral ruins; interior looking east.

Cathedral 2
St. Michael’s: Enthronement of Bishop Gorton in ruins.

The two photographs above were taken after the Blitz. But what was the Blitz? The Coventry Blitz was a series of multiple bombings that spread across the city during the Second World War. The most brutal attack occurred on the 14th November 1940 when 515 German bombers were ordered to cause mass destruction across the city.. In total their were around 17 raids they took place in between August-October 1940 which consisted of roughly 198 tons worth of bombs.

Coventry Cathedral.

An important part of this research is that, to merge my images with these I have to try and get a similar composition. This will make it easier to edit in the photoshop section. I want to show that there has been change over the years but whilst this is my main theme, I want to also show how things can also stay the same no matter how old the buildings could be because it is all about the historic value that Coventry contains within its City.

Hales Street

Hales Street and Trinity Street from Swanswell gate.

swanswell gate
Swanswell Gate

trinity street
Trinity Street showing Owen-Owens temporary premises, and the Hippodrome.

During this research I was quite surprised how some things were so similar, and it made me realise that some of these will be a little easier to edit in photoshop than the first two images.

opening of trinity street
Opening of Trinity St. Also shows newly opened Owen Owen store.

Swanswell Park

swanswell park

swanswell park 3

swanswell park 2

I chose to include these photographs because I believe that whilst our city changes, so does its people. They adapt to the environments around them, so as the cities buildings become modernised so do the people within them.

Trinity Lane

trinity lane churchyard

trinity lane church yard 2

City Arcade

city arcade bombing
City Arcade, damaged by bombing in 1940, and later demolished for reconstruction.

City Arcade

View from upper storey, City Arcade.
My next stage is to photograph at these places, and attempt to get a similar composition to what has been used.


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