Assignment 1 Ideas

After struggling to come up with an idea for this assignment, I decided to sit down and go over the themes which I found slightly more interesting and write key things that relate to that theme.

Eating disorders – Body image, peer pressure from celebrities, magazines, low confidence, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Depression, Eating habits,

City regeneration – Comparing old vs new, New builds, merging old and new together

The occupy movement – Protests, opinions, marches

Ownership and property – portraits of owners of the property, could also interview them.

Representing another culture – religion, race, sexuality.

After thinking through these themes, I found myself more keen on the idea of merging the old and the new together/comparing old vs new.

It will allow me to further my skills in photoshop, and also look at the history throughout Coventry.


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