Assignment 1 – Google Maps

My first step is to find old pictures of Coventry, so I am able to relate them to how Coventry is now. When I was talking to my peers about my idea, one of them pointed me to a website which held old images of Coventry. When I visited this website it was perfect for what I wanted to do.

Here is the website : 

As I am not originally from Coventry it was difficult to navigate to certain areas because I did not know what they were called. This was when I decided to use something which we had researched in previous lectures – GOOGLE MAPS.

I navigated around Coventry via Google Maps so I was able to find certain areas I would like to find on website with old images. These are just a few places I started looking at for future reference.

As I went to Broadgate I was actually surprised that it looks different to what it is now. It goes with the theme that regeneration is constantly happening. Now I knew the name of the place I am able to look for older images of the area.

hales street google

The reason I wanted to know this location was the fact that the metal sculpture that goes across the roads is extremely modern compared to what it would be in the olden times. This will be interesting when I start manipulating the images together.

swanswell park google
The reason I chose Swanswell Park was to see if there would be any change considering parks tend to not have as much construction as building areas. This then creates a contrast to city regeneration.

trinity lane
I needed to know this lanes name as it leads to the Cathedral, so I think many images will be found in the olden times around this specific area due to the Blitz in 1940.


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