Assignment 1 – City Regeneration

So what exactly is city regeneration? I first got the definition of regeneration.

Definition of Regeneration


[mass noun]

  • The action or process of regenerating or being regenerated:the regeneration of inner cities.

Cities are constantly changing, whether this is to rebuild run down areas or whether it is to create a better lifestyle for the people living within the city. So why do we decide to regenerate our cities? These days it is to attract tourists to that specific area. The bigger the buildings, the more shops that can be contained within it. Regeneration could be a range of things, from modernising a shop, to completely knocking down a building and then rebuilding a structure on that land.

Regeneration could happen in many ways:

The owner may chose to leave the building and sell it, this then could lead to a company wanting to demolish the building to create a bigger space for a future project.

However another way in which city regeneration could take place was if a unexpected tragedy was to occur, such as Earthquakes, floods and fires.

Regeneration could be planned or could happen unexpectedly, such as the Japan Tsunami 2011. In which after a Earthquake at a magnitude of 8.9 came a huge Tsunami sweeping over Japan. Here is video below showing satellite images of before and after the Tsunami.

As you can see this tragedy caused severe damage to Japan and many other places were also hit, and due to this damage Presidents were unwilling to deal with the pressure of a mass regeneration scheme. What does someone do when a huge city regeneration needs to take place?


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