Assignment 2 – Story Boarding Task

To show that we understood story boarding we were set a task in which we had to find a video of our own, from a movie, and make 10 screen shots of key moments in that clip – I chose the movie Immortals.

I start story boarding at 36 seconds – 2 minutes 35 seconds











I found this a very difficult scene to cut down to only 10 images because it is such a huge scene in the movie. It contains this huge speech, which then leads to this huge fight. So I wanted to contain some of the speech and then show it leading up to where the fight starts, so I feel the last image signifies this very well. The speech itself is shot with very similar footage, so I narrowed that down a lot to key expressions. This task made me realise how much planning and effort goes into film making and it is something that I have become extremely interested in. These tasks really helped me think about how I will be editing my own video.


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