3rd Year Students Symposium

I decided to go listen to two 3rd year students present as I knew it was something I will have to do in my 3rd year. I decided to write down notes on what they talked about.

Josephine Sutton

  • We all have a personal identity.
  • What moments in time are worth remembering? – look back at your last photographs
  • We construct ourselves when a photograph is about to take place – thought process? do we smile? how do we stand/position?
  • Personal construction – you take a photograph and the look at the image – you then retake it so you get a pleasing appeal of what you want it to look like but you lose that moment.
  • It would be difficult to remember a specific moment of an event if no photographs were to be taken.
  • A photograph is an accurate structure of that moment or event.
  • Paintings were also constructed by using certain props for the rich to represent there background of where they came from.
  • Photo albums consisted of most memorable moments such as christmas and holidays, this has changed over the digital age.
  • Such as Facebook – as it allows you to create photo albums consisted of daily life, such as friends, family and events.
  • Facebook allows control i.e tagging. this allows you to shape your profile of who you want to see these key moments you have decided to share.
  • Profiles pictures – you take time to pick an image as this will represent yourself.
  • Susan sontag quote – ‘Today everything exists to end in a photograph’ = Sum up

Overall I thought Josephines presentation was very good, she spoke a little too fast at some points which made it a little rushed. Consisted of a lot of her own opinions which made it relatable. When ased questions from lecturers and the audience she was easily able to respond. She also seemed very confident with what she was talking about.


  • Why do we take them and what is there purpose? – Henri cartier bresson
  • Decisive moment – The photographer choses when to press the shutter, this then creates what they feel is there decisive moment.
  • An image represents a time and memory, but if someone wasn’t able to attend that event, they are able to look at that photograph and they can then attach there memory to that event.
  • Family photography
  • Talked about Bathes
  • Sally man
  • Rays a laugh – Richard Billingham
  • Richard Billingham- when asked if the pictures brought back memories – he said they don’t bring back specific memories but the ones that were cut out, and not shown do, as they are more snapshots.
  • Other peoples images could bring back a time when their were similar moments – i.e a snapshot on a beach
  • Our individual life experience allow us to emote and relate.
  • Work can be perceived in many different ways, not everyone is going to agree with what you put out there – about sally mans work – is it pornography?

I feel she was a little nervous and shy. I also think her presentation consisted of a little too much research/artists. So her own opinions got a little lost throughout the presentation. When asked questions from lecturers and the audience she struggled to answer and come up with an explanation regarding Sally Man’s work, on whether it was pornography.


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