Assignment 2 – Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6

  • When you have got all your clips and videos together, make sure you put them all in one folder. This will help keep track of all your clips.
  • Launch Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6.
  • Create New Project
  • A dialog box will appear – Location – Browse – Navigate to folder
  • Name – Change the name (e.g Tutorial)
  • After this another dialog box will appear, you want to make sure you pick the setting that is right for the camera you used and the setting you recorded on.
  • You are able to change your workspace, you can make sections bigger or smaller so that you can get the best from what you need.
  • You then import your clips/videos that you wish to use in Premiere Pro. I tend to just drag my videos in like this:
  • You then click on the video clip you have imported, and it will appear in the left side of Premiere Pro. This is where you will go through your video to cut it at a place you wish it to start. Once you have found where you want it to start you either press I on the keyboard or you can click it here:5
  • You then want to end the clip, so again once you have found where you want your clip to end you either press O on the keyboard or press here:6
  • You then want to import this clip into the timeline, now depending if you only want the video from this clip or just the audio you would click these:7
  • If you want the video and the audio you just click insert:9
  • When the video is in the time line there will be a yellow line above your video, this show that you have used the right setting at the beginning when you had to pick the type of camera you used. However if it is red, it means you have not picked the right settings, and this will cause problems when editing and exporting later on. However if it starts out yellow, do not worry when you start adding effects and transitions as it will turn red. After this press enter so it can render, this will allow your video to keep running smoothly.10
  • As you can see when adding a transition – the part you have added it to has now gone red. This is nothing to worry about.11 



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