Assignment 2 – Story Boarding

  • Story Boarding is a way to Pre visualise for videography.
  • Story boarding allows you to stay organised when you start filming as you know what you want to achieve.
  • Allows things to run smoothly in the editing process
  • Storyboards are visual representations of your video before you begin filming
  • Storyboards do not have to be a master piece, just a brief outline drawing of what you want.
  • If you can not draw you can find a website online which will help you create your storyboards

Pyscho Movie – Master of suspense – due to censoring they were not allowed to show nudity or someone being stabbed.

Key points:

  • Slowly looks around
  • Peephole
  • Close up of eye looking through gap
  • Places painting back over hole
  • Looks around slowly again
  • Outside scene – walking back to another house – maybe his own?
  • Man sitting at table, woman sitting at table writing down her debts
  • Woman rips up piece of paper and puts it down the toilet
  • Gets in shower, only close up of legs
  • Turns on water
  • Close up of looks up at shower head
  • Different head angles of her in the shower – NO NUDITY
  • Shadow behind the shower curtain
  • Pull back of shower curtain
  • Black masked figure
  • Stabs towards the camera
  • Never penetrates the body, knife only against the body
  • Close up of her mouth – screaming
  • Flashes to colour change in the water
  • When ever full body is on display hands are covering her chest
  • Hands slowly scraps down wall
  • Figure walks away
  • Body falls slowly slides down wall
  • She falls – Shower curtain covers her body
  • Slight colour change of water going down the drain
  • Gets closer to the sink plug
  • Change to close up of eye
  • Slowly zooms out
  • Pans to her room
  • Closes in to a news article which contains her crimes
  • Dramatic music makes you tell you how you should react and feel

These were my key points that I managed to pull out, but someone else has took the time to go into more detail, some you may not agree with, and some I feel are more of an accusation of what they think certain moments mean:

This was the actual storyboard made of the shower scene in Psycho


We also had to create our own story board for this video

Here is my story board below:



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