Practice Show Reel

To get used to editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Cs6, we had to make a short video of either random footage or a clip of your own footage that relates to your video for assignment 2. I decided to give a sneak peek of what I think I will be videoing for my assignment. We then had to show it to the class.

Here is my tester video:

One problem I had whilst videoing, was that it was rather dark, so I had to use a high ISO which then made it rather grainy. I also was not able to use a tripod as the area was quite small, so I got quite shaky at times. However the class did not seem to notice that as the fast movement of the whisks and hands hid that dilema. One critique I did get was the music, it was a little slow considering it was baking, and baking is supposed to be happy. However the reason I chose this piece of music for this specific footage was because I was really surprised at how relaxed he was when he was baking. It did not seem rushed it seemed therapeutic.

My inspiration was Philip Bloom’s video:


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