Photo Books in a Digital Era

  • We are born into the digital era but we don’t necessarily understand it.
  • Information is King
  • We have the ability to find, share, edit, copy, and produce information
  • We use linked digital devices
  • convergence culture
  • Books go against the digital age, the only thing you can do is read it, and talk to people about it. It is hard to share specific parts of the book.

A book:

  • Should there be a specific way to read it – Yes left to right
  • It should be understood so we can gain something from it.
  • Consists of Pages.
  • Sequences.
  • Attached on one side with a bind.
  • Everything is rectangular – makes it easier to put together – a circular book would not.
  • In a book you have the viewer in mind.
  • A book is organised a lot goes into the thought of layout. Some images might not work in a book, they might work as a singular image.

Hans- Georg Gadamer

We have 2 horizons:

  • The artist horizon – whats they are wanted the audience to get from their work.
  • The viewers horizon – previous work, understanding or lack of understanding. our up bringing. our opinions.

We want to see the view from the artists eyes, we want to come together with their art work.

We become apart of an artists work when we are looking at it, but once we walk away we lose that connection, the work may stay with you for a while but eventually it will diffuse.

Make sure you reinforce what you are trying to say.

The more complicated the design, the more it becomes precious, you want to take your time to read it. You can’t take it out on a train because it is too precious because you are having to take it out of a case/cover.

Due to advanced technology, books are slowly plummeting in popularity due to online books i.e ebooks and the use of a kindle.

Bad Points for Books:

  • Books, are expensive to produce, they are expensive to distribute, it takes ages for them to get sent around the world and they take up a lot of space.

Good points for Books:

  • The books are read in the sequence they are produced in whereas online someone could pick a different order.
  • In a 100 years time it would still be there, it wouldn’t need to be updated, it doesn’t need a manual to figure how to read it.
  • Self contained.
  • You get a better experience – you can physically hold it.
  • Online things can constantly be copied, so people value things that can’t be copied.
  • Books are becoming modernised, they have embroidery, are gaining retro styles. Due to the expense you want it to at least be ‘pretty’ on the shelf.


  • Only 23 books, none of them are the same, contains different parts of when he was setting up his studio.
  • No one steps you online to publish someone even though it could contain mistake i.e spelling mistakes
  • Whereas in a book it you would have a publisher constantly checking it over.
  • Books can become out of date, whereas online devices allow you to be constantly up to date.

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