Assignment 2 – Edirol R09

  • From Coventry Universities Media Loan Store you will always get a case that contains a recorder, a charger , a USB connecter – Headphones – and the recorder will always contain an SD card. The connecter has a blue end which has 3 holes in it (XR CABLE) which you will attach to the mic – and there is also a remote control.
  • On the right hand side of the recorder there is an on button which you must hold down for it to turn on.
  • The Menu is the middle button.
  • Red button – Sample rate: 44.1
  • For the record mode – MP3 (JPEG) 224. L AND R – but for better quality you may want to use WAV, 24.
  • Press Menu to return to the original page.
  • The scroll down to option number 8 called SD Card: It is always best to format the card, to clear any space from previous users.
  • You want to keep the quality as high as possible.
  • When you press the record button, you are NOT yes recording, it is showing you a sample rate of the sound around you.
  • You must press the record button again and instead of it flashing it will go a solid red. This is when you know it is definitely recording.
  • To stop recording press the stop button.
  • It is good to log the name of that recording and what it is of, so you can keep track of it in the future for editing.
  • It is best to use headphones to listen to your recording as it is always much more accurate.
  • When recording you want the noise to peek at 12-6, if they don’t reach that then reduce or increase the input levels.

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