Donovan Wylie Task

We were put into pairs and given a Irish photographer in which later we would have to give a presentation on our given photographer.

I was paired with Charli. We were given Donovan Wylie, so we decided to work together on finding the information. We started with his background and how he got to where he is today.

These are my notes on our presentation:

1st Slide – Me

  • Born In Belfast 1971
  • Discovered photography at a young age.
  • Left school at 16 and went on a 3 month journey around Ireland he then published his first book ’32 Counties whilst he was still a teenager.

2nd Slide Charli –

  •  A quote – Charli will say something regarding the quote.

3rd Slide Charli –

  •  In 1992 he was nominated to become a part of Magnum Photos and then became a full member of Magnum Photos in 1998.
  • Starting with his first book 32 counties.

4th Slide Me –

  • Most of his work consists of political and social landscapes of Northern Ireland. Much of his work was described as ‘Archaeo-logies’ – covers issues of cultural property, acqurstition, custodeaonship, conservation , display.
  • He then moved onto his second book The Maze in 2004 and the British watch towers 2007.
  • Before this he won a Bafta for his film the train, he has also had solo exhibitions all over the world like london, photoespana, madrid , Bradford. He has also held group shows in dublin, london and paris.

5th Slide Charli – talks about 32 Counties work

6th Slide Me- Regarding his work The Maze

  • Built in 1976 to house terrorist prisoners.
  • prisoners segregated according to their political beliefs and membership of paramilitary organisations.
  • It was the scene of violent protests, hunger strikes, mass escapes and deaths of both prisoners and prison staff.
  • 1980s prison held more than 1,700 prisoners but in 2000 the prison was closed.
  • the Northern Ireland Prison Service gave Donovan Wylie exclusive permission to photograph throughout the entire prison complex without supervision.
  • The result is a book which aims to document the physical structure of the place and, at the same time, through the quantity and style of the photographs, to give the viewer some experience of the psychological impact of being inside the Maze.

Overall the presentation went very well, and it was said it was well rehearsed. It was also greatly balanced between me and Charli.


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