Digital Truth Task

You will be ‘sent’ to a place you have never before visited and be given a theme to explore. You should (through research) choose how you might best represent and approach your theme or message in the production of a series of 10 images sourced through Google Earth and/or Google Streetview.

Your workshop outcomes, along with a short (< 300 word) review, thinking about the validity of such images of places we have not set foot in, should be evidenced on your blog.

I was sent to Livermore, CA.  Theme – Suburbia

My first thought of the theme Suburbia was Bill Owens work. In which he looked at the running of a home and family life. This was the theme I chose to look for in Livermore,CA. When looking through Livermore I thought it was a very rich looking area I decided to look for the more run down areas/people and contrast it with two images that were rich looking.











One thing I found interesting whilst using street view in Livermore was that I actually got lost? Everywhere looked the same until I noticed something that I could have sworn I went by before. This is why I ended with this image as there is almost a line of symmetry.

I actually found this pretty difficult, to find certain situations that you have in your head that you think would work, but trying to find these situations via street view as well as not living in this environment, so you don’t know your surroundings, was extremely difficult. But the fact that it is possible to do this is unbelievable, and the fact that ‘photographers’ are getting a career out of this use of camera-less photography is mesmerising.



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