Camera-less Photography

What is camera less photography?

  • Photograms – been around since the late 1800’s, placing objects on top of photo paper then expose it to light and leaves the imprint of the object on the paper.
  • Artists using photograms –
  • Man Ray
  • Joy Gregory
  • Garry Fabian Miller – light, colour, space.
  • Shadow captures
  • Floris Neususs – Be right back 84/87
  • Susan Derges Light catchers 2010 – Really look at her work, it is fascinating what she is able to produce.


Man Ray Photogram – says he stumbled on photograms when he had put some objects on his paper and accidentally exposed it to light.

Man Ray



  •  John Stezaker- cuts an image in half then combines two together. Creates a strange juxtaposition.



Digital Media as camera-less photography….

Pavel Maria Smejkel – Fatescapes – Robert Capa – Nick Ut
In this set of work he looks at how iconic images become but it you were to take out the action what is left?

20120103-lens-iconic-slide-IT6P-custom1 ed222fa75b9e04334f7f17fa9c1d524dabff7b






20120103-lens-iconic-slide-MJD5-custom1  fatescapes-napalm-girl


Mishka Henner – no mans Land II – used google maps/street view. Is this really classed as his photography?


Mishka Henner also produced a book called Less Americans – He took the Americans out of Robert Franks photographs. Makes the images look bizarre.


Doug Rickard

Never uses cameras he just uses google Earth

He crops them to remove the watermark,  he then puts them in a panoramic form.

He chose to uses google maps due to the fact he wasn’t able to do road trips and travel, when he first went on google maps he couldn’t believe he could navigate down and street. He then decided to concentrate on certain neighbourhoods that were almost the run down/depressed areas of the community.

“The height gives a feeling of looking down on the scene, and this affects the emotional read and subtext of the work,”

Technically not a camera less artist due to the fact he print screens, then arranges the image on the screen and then retakes the photograph using a camera? Is this camera-less photography or not?

Wanted to create an inverse of the American dream.

John Rafman wants to show irony throughout his photographs – also uses google maps
tumblr_lazkcwHY3n1qzun8oo1_1280 tumblr_lavrcyIgH91qzun8oo1_1280 tumblr_l9y6qrjvXT1qzun8oo1_1280 tumblr_lcbwcgy2rL1qzun8oo1_1280

I find it fascinating at the quality of some of this images. At first glance you would not be able to tell the difference from a real photograph to a google street view image. The things you are able to find via street view, you are probably not likely to find if you are a photographer unless if you are there at the right time.

Joachim Schmid

If he finds a photograph that has been ripped to pieces, he tries his hardest to piece it back together to create the original photograph.

So what do you think Camera-less photography is?

Camera-less photography task:

To illustrate you have understood the lectures – You have a task to do next

You will need to two of the following

• Make an aesthetically pleasing photogram – which you feel sums up something about your yourself.

• Make a collage about yourself using found imagery – which tells the audience about what you like to do in your spare time.

• Using your photoshop skills and google Earth make a digital A4 poster which maps your journey from home to college and highlights 3 points on interest on route.

I chose to create a photogram and make a collage using found imagery to represent myself.


I decided to use only two objects as they were the newest things I had bought. The first being a owl necklace, I really liked the detail that has been brought out around the chain.


The second object was a new scarf. Due to it being rather thin, it allow light to go through the scarf, this allowed a texture to come through the print, as you can see the stitching.


Because I realised that my scarf let light through I decided to merge the two object together. There is still an sense of the texture of the scarf at the edge of the image.

My second task was the collage, I created this via PhotoShop.

My Collage

I am a huge tv show fan, so I included every show I watch. I also included two places I really want to visit which are New York and China. I also included my dream camera which is the Canon MK2 or MK3. I added two bands, The Script who I have been a fan of for a very long time, and the second band called Bastille who I have only just came across but I think they are brilliant. Finally I added Steve McCurry as I am a huge fan of his work, and I would love to meet him one day.


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