Still Photography and The Moving Image

Our first lecture was based on the moving image, and what can be used and included to enhance the piece to making it the best it can be. We looked at a variety of videos to see the differences between them.

La Jetée (The Pier)

  •  Based in Paris in 1952
  •  12 Monkeys was based from La Jette, and the movie actually took several concepts straight from it.
  • Narrative of prisoners that were sent into experimental practices with radioactivity, most were failures causing most to die and some sent into madness.
  •  Made of up from original photographs.
  • Use of whispers over images, gave a sense of madness, and disturbing behaviour thats sends an eery feeling to the viewer.
  • Use of heartbeat sound relates to the prisoners fear.
  • Use of dramatic music enhances the narrative being told.

New York Times

  • Made in 2009
  • Consisted of 12 photographs in the space of a 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Use of fathers voice narrating the experience he and the mother went through whilst delivering their baby gave a more personal and emotion filled video experience.


  • Talks about the Tsunami and how it affected the shrimping and fishing business.
  • What was used to portray this to the audience:Moving Image
    Still Images
    Zooming in and out

Many videos can be viewed here:

  • Consumption of Pork in China.
  • Included statistics.
  • Completely moving image.
  • Use of multiple locations.

Video can be viewed here:


Between the Birds

  • First ever video.
  • Use pf multiple photographic lenses.
  • Consists of Interviews
  • cuts from interview to video footage of birds/birdwatchers.

Philip Bloom:

  • King of how to use to 5D and this is what kick started his career.
  • If you are new to the 5D, its best to find his videos.

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