Canon 5D Induction

We will be using the Canon 5D when creating our 5 minute video. So we were given an induction to the camera, on how to set it up when shooting moving image.

  • Turn on camera, make sure it is set to manual.
  • Click menu, clicking across allows you to view main menus, down gives access to sub-menus.
  • Before shooting any footage, make sure you  clear settings – clear all camera settings. You do this incase the camera has been used previously.
  • Then go to Live View/Movie – LV Fun. Setting = Disable
  • Movie Rec.Size should be at 24 or 25
  • E.g  1920×1080 is the size of the frame.
    25 is the frames per second.
    24 gives a more cinematic look.
    All together it will look like this 1920×1080(25fps)
  • Sound recording – set on manual
    You want to make sure the recording level hits just over 12
  • Its best to get an extra microphone such as an EdiRol, as internal mic picks up the mechanics of the camera when zooming and focusing.
  • Make sure you format the memory card before filming.
  • shutter speed for video – 1/50 second
  • ISO’s that can be used when filming – 100,160,200,320,640 this creates an ISO pull rather than a ISO push

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