Christmas Task


Telling a story in stills

A date for your diary: December 27th

If I could tell the story in words I wouldn’t lug a camera” – Lewis Hind

Building on the disciplines already developed, working with analogue technologies in 150MC, over the next term, 151MC will be looking at developing a creative digital practice, supported by an efficient digital workflow. During the term you will be given skills instruction to support your technical development and academic lectures and seminars to support your understanding of where digital practice is currently situated.

Mark out December 27th in your diary. Your task is to digitally record the day in a series of 10 digital images to present to the group early next term. Your brief is to document the day but you will need to select your narrative within that day. A narrative has a beginning, middle and end so think about how you can distil your narrative into 10 images. Think of what you are going to do that day and plan how you are going to document it. You will need to present this to the group in the first week back.


When reading this brief it reminded me of my previous project in the summer. Due to this I did not want to produce images that were similar to my summer project. One thing I considered was photographing objects that I felt made my house a home as being at home is a completely different feel than being at my university accommodation. However when I re-read the brief I did not feel this documented my day very well. So I decided to just wait till the 27th and see what the day held. I also did not want to include any Christmas themed photographs as that would have been an obvious thing to photograph.

Well the 27th came along and surprisingly my mum decided to go round her friends for the day, so she decided to leave me a list of chores/things to do for the day. I thought this would be a great thing to document as some of these things I do not have to do whilst at University. However I did want to include two objects at the beginning as I feel they can fit into the day quite well.

I decided to photograph a small object in my household which I feel makes my house a home. As I feel the small things are the things that contribute, yet they do not seem to get noticed and get over powered by the bigger objects. I feel it relates to the brief as the day always starts with time.

Again I feel the little objects around the household makes it homely. A home is full and surrounded by memories and sometimes we forget they are there, I feel the dust represents this very well. I pass these photographs everyday and forget that they are there.

The list

After passing the photographs I found the list my mother had left me. As a typical teenager I rolled my eyes and sighed very loud. The next couple of photographs consist of me completing some of these chores.

feeding time

Feeding time. We have a total of 5 cats, however I chose to photograph one in particular as he has a very specific diet. Casper is a very fussy cat in which he will not eat any pouches of food, so he always ate dry. However this caused him to get crystal in his bladder. This was due to him not getting enough water through his system which blocked him from being able to urinate. After he was treated we have had to keep him on a full meat diet to make sure he gets enough water to go through his system.


Sam is a 10 year old Golden Retriever, yet he till acts like a big puppy. Here sam begs and hands me his paw to get some treats. This is something I miss whilst at University as I remember the day we got Sam and I used to stroke his paw to help him go to sleep in a big new home.


Lexi tries to beat Sam at his own game by giving the ‘puppy dog eyes’. Whilst Sam is a timid dog and is very obedient, whilst Lexi is the rebel and mischievous.

I then moved on to some of the chores in my mothers list. Cleaning the floor. I use some multi surface spray to clean up the muddy paw prints the dogs brought in with them.


washing up
Washing Up. This is one chore I absolutely hate, my mum knows I do not like washing up so she normally says she will wash up and I would do other things. But she has decided that I will be washing up. This did not make me very happy.


After a rather productive and busy day, I decided to relax with a cup of tea which was my first drink of the day so it was very refreshing.

One thing my mum loves is her candles, so I decided to light them all for when she came back. Candles are a big part of how our house feels like a home, as it creates a warm glow throughout the living room, it also allowed me to relax.

Overall I am happy that I was able to create something that looked different from my summer project which was my main aim. Normally I wouldn’t be happy to receive chores but in this case I was, as it helped me create photographs that I did not include in my previous holiday project.


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