Assignment 1 – Reflection

Once I have my mind set on a certain project, I persevere until I get the outcome that I pre-visualised at the start of the project. I feel my overall photographs and information that I gained throughout my project relates highly to the brief. I chose not to take photographs of specific stereotypes as I feel this could automatically put a stamp on putting these people into specific stereotypical groups. Photographing strangers allowed me to gain the confidence that I needed to gain when photographing in a public place with people I did not know. The reason I decided to photograph strangers was to gain that extra knowledge of peoples opinions on the matter at hand. It allowed me, for the short amount of time of talking to the person to slightly to get to know a little part of who they are, I went into this project with an open mind which allowed me not to judge the people I was asking. This allowed the information I got from them to be more significant as viewers would look at my work and automatically judge the person and possible put them into a certain stereotype, however once you have read the information that was given, some are completely opposite to what I thought would be expected.

What I would differently:

I personally feel I would have benefited a lot more if I had started photographing earlier in the project, as this would have allowed more time for development and gave me more choice when narrowing down my final prints. One thing that was a problem when photographing was weather conditions. In total I went out three full days and I also went out an extra day but did not photograph because the weather was too bad. Only one of these days had good weather. I feel if I had started photographing earlier I may have had more chances photographing when it came to the weather.

Photographing more people would have been a key thing I would have liked to have done differently. It would have given me a wider range of people and could have produced different information than what I had already been given. This would have abled me to to create a photo book professionally from Blurb. To do this I would have need many more prints, however I am considering re-visiting this project so I can then make a full book of prints, with a quote on the left page that they themselves have said.

I would have liked to have tried ISO 100 film, as this would have created less grain when printing in the darkroom. This would allow more sharpness and detail to come through on each person. However once again due to weather conditions it was far too dark, meaning there would not have been enough light for ISO 100 film.

I feel this is by far my most successful darkroom based project I have done so far. Going back to the traditional forms of photography makes you appreciate what you have created a lot more, as you are not able to look at your images whilst photographing. This means you have to get your photographs correct through the view finder, rather than deleting them and retaking, which you are able to do on digital. A lot more effort and expense goes into using the darkroom and this gives a more satisfying feel when you are proud of the final photographs you have created.

In conclusion, I am extremely proud of what I was able to achieve. I feel I have grown as a person in terms of confidence and have excelled when in the darkroom. I feel a lot more confident when dodging and burning a print and have gained a lot of independence and patience when using different techniques in the dark room.


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