Assignment 1 – Final Presentation

As previously mention, I have decided to make my own Japanese stab binding photo book. To do this I needed:

  • 11 Sheets of A4 plain white card (not too thick)
  • 2 Sheets of A4 black card – this will be for the front and back cover.
  • Thread – I chose black thread
  • Needle
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Guillotine

We were given a step by step video from our lecturer, in which I chose to follow. I did watch the video multiple times before even starting my photo book.

I wanted to make a big enough book so that my landscapes and portraits would fit in the book without having to turn the book around when viewing my photographs, as I feel this can be quite distracting. I feel the book would losses the professional consistency that a photo book must have to be successful.

Using a spare piece of paper, I measured a 1cm margin as this would be where my binding would be. I then placed one of my final prints on the paper to see how much room I need to leave to make sure my landscapes would fit in properly. I decided to have my photo book at 24cm. I then had to consider how many holes I would need, but because I had a 1 cm border it made it an odd amount if I were to have 2cm gaps. After working it out I found I needed a 1 and a half cm on each end of the stitching and then the rest of my stitches were 2 cm. I then cut all of my pieces of card down to size. The first time I tried making the photo book I did not pull the string tight enough whilst moving along, this caused a lot of the binds to be loose. Whilst trying to tighten the string I accidentally snapped one of the binds, so I decided to pull out all of the string and start again. Due to the book already being punctured with the needles it made it a lot easier for the needle to go in the second time and this time I made sure I pulled the string tighter with every bind I did.

The final outcome of my photo book is below:


As this is my first attempt at a photo book I am very proud of the final result. My next staged was to order my photographs and stick them in. My final result of my photo book is below:


If I were to have a higher budget and more time, I would have liked to have send my images to blurb to get an official book made. However to do this I would have like to have  a lot more images than 10 as it would get a wider range of strangers and their opinions. Blurb would also allow me to add text on the opposite side of the page, in which I would have put down the persons name and a quote from each of the people.


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