Assignment 1 – Alex Majoli

Alex Majoli is an Italian photographer who became a member of Magnum Photos in 2001. He is mainly known for his documentary work of War and Conflict. However the work I have came across lately I found rather unique and interesting. I also felt this specific piece of work I could slightly relate to my own that I will be producing.

The work I will be looking at is a recent project from 2012, taken in France, Paris. He has got a range of different people with very different professions. He would photograph them in different environments and set up a little studio.  His use of different spotlights gives a dark atmosphere and allows a sense of mystery to be added to the person. He would use this type of lighting for a front portrait of a person.  I feel this represents how you do not know someone, so they are shadowed only allowing a few details of that person’s personality to shine through.  Like the photograph below:

He then photographs them again, but this time he has them face towards a bright light, and behind them they are holding an object that relates to their profession. I feel the bright light that is used, represents how their profession is who they are, they feel alive and full of life and light when they work, because they are doing something they feel passionate about.

FRANCE. Paris. Microcredit. 2012. Jacky BONNET, board games inventor.

 I feel this relates to my work as I will be photographing a range of different people in different locations and as I will be photographing over a period of days, I will have to deal with different types of lighting. I also feel the concept behind his photographs is similar to my idea. It is based on judging someone before you know who they are, you could look at his first portrait and guess what his profession is just by the way he looks. But when it is revealed what he actually does it is rather surprising and is not what you expected. This proves that even though I feel we should not judge someone by the way people look, we do it even without realising it.

Here are some more examples of his work:

FRANCE. Paris. Microcredit. 2012. Elisabeth DIAKITE, painter and set designer.

FRANCE. Paris. Microcredit. Alain RIBAUT seller of organic wines.


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