Assignment 1 – Contact Sheets

So I have done two contact sheets. The first one below was the day where it was dull and grey. Creating a contact sheet allows you to get a quick glimpse at your photographs, and ables you to choose which images you feel are your most successful. Both of my contact sheets were exposed for 8 seconds under a contact sheet enlarger. You do this by placing Ilford Multigrade IV Glossy paper (others may use different paper) shiny side up. And on the side of the glass are some thin slits in which you place your negatives against (these are also placed shiny side up). You then close the lid down so your negatives are now sitting on top of your paper. You can choose to do a test strip rather then placing a whole sheet of paper down first but I found that 8 seconds is normally a reasonable consistant exposure for a contact sheet.

Below is my second contact sheet which was when it was very bright and sunny. I know when I go to print these in the darkroom then would need a longer exposure to bring out the detail more, however due to the amount of light it should make these photographs more contrasted and sharp. You would then place your exposed paper into developer (which is 1 part Dev, 9 parts water) for 1 minute at least. You then move your print to the ‘Stop’ this can just be water for 30 seconds(this stops the developing process). You then place it into the fix for at least 2 minutes (the fix is extremely important as it makes your print permanent and stops it from being light sensitive).  


My next stage is picking the photographs I feel are more successful. I will be scanning my test strips and print attempts and upload them shortly.


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