Mark Power’s Presentation

Mark Power grew up in Leicester and took his first photograph when he was 9 years old. He first studied fine art in which he never thought he would find a career in photography. However he choose to move into photography in which he photographed in black and white. However he stopped photographing due to near bankruptcy in which he became a carpenter. This was a sturdy job but it was not allowing him to follow his passion. This was when he sat down with a man who gave him £200 (this was a lot back in the day) to do what he wanted with. He chose to invest this money in a photography project. With this he created photographs in Birmingham in which rescued his career as The Daily Mail were the ones who paid highest for his set of photographs. Due to the outbreak of his success he was asked by a variety of British Magazines and chose to work in this industry for 3 years. However he did not like how he had to create images to make the story that was going to be told truthful, and they had to be very simple images so other people would understand what was being told.

Mark Power quote ‘ There are two ways of thinking of idea’s, you could go out photographing and then the idea begins to emerge. Or you could sit in a library or workspace and completely plan out your idea before photographing’.

In total he published 5 monographs :

  • The Shipping Forecast (1996) which was a  poetic response to the esoteric language of daily maritime weather reports.


  • Superstructure (2000) a documentation of the construction of London’s Millennium Dome.


  • The Treasury Project (2002) about the restoration of a nineteenth-century historical monument.


  • 26 Different Endings (2007) which documents those landscapes unlucky enough to fall just off the edge of the London A-Z map.


  • The Sound of Two Songs (2010) the culmination of his five year project set in contemporary Poland.


Over all I found this presentation from Mark Power very inspiring as he proves that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you can always come back fighting to follow your passion. I have always been a follower of Mark Power’s work so it was a honour to listen to how he got where he is today.


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