Mamiya 7

Throughout the weeks we have been introduced to a range of different camera such as, Mamiya 7, Mamiya RB67, Pentax K1000 and a Nikon D300. I did take the Pentax K1000 out so I could take some photographs in which I developed and took them into the darkroom. The Pentax was fairly easy to work around as I have used a similar film camera before.

This is a medium format rangefinder SLR camera, I have only used a medium format camera once, and it was only a brief introduction. After watching a video showing me around the camera, it has allowed me to become more confident to use this camera in the future. This specific camera allows you to use two sizes of film, 120 and 220.

Below is the video I watched made by Jonathan Worth that helped me navigate my way around the camera.


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