During the summer prior to University, I was set a project the aim was to ‘Record a visual diary. It should be as intimate and honest as you’re able to be. You should make images from the first time that you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep.’

When first reading this brief I did not find myself very enthusiastic as I would rather be behind the camera than infront. However I really wanted to push outside of my comfort zone, this allowed me to produce images that I never thought I would allow myself to do as I am very self conscious.

My first photograph I wanted to capture at a different vantage point. I also thought due to me having blackout curtains, it allowed a halo of light to outline certain elements of detail throughout the image. The photograph is rather dark as this imitates the darkness that takes over during slumber.

My next photograph was where I really stepped outside of my comfort zone.

To make myself slightly more comfortable I decided to keep my face out of the photograph as this allowed there to be an essence of mystery but also indicates a vulnerability.

I chose to be rather artistic with my ‘documentation’ of my day. The next photograph is rather symmetrical and due to the natural light used from a window it has highlighted detail throughout the left side of the face.

Once again this was out of my comfort zone, but as I started to be infront of the camera a lot more, I started to get more confident. All of these photographs were taken with natural light and were taken around my household, this one specifically was taken in my room with the wall becoming my backdrop allowing me to capture the deodorant spray in mid-motion.

People do not seem to realise the things we all do just to become more accepted by the public. Girls especially seem to put there face through a wide range of products, as well as damaging their hair. But we do not just do this to be accepted, we do this as it makes us feel more confident with ourselves as doing these things are now the ‘norm’ of our generation.

After the morning ritual you tend to gain a big appetite, so I made a nice breakfast. And you can’t have a breakfast without Ketchup!

We were also told to by the book ‘ The photograph as contemporary art’. I took this photograph at angle as if you were looking straight through my eyes, as this then allows the viewer to feel included/involved in the image.

This is the last photograph of the series. Every night my ipod is the last thing I see before I close my eyes. I always listen to music before I go to bed as it allows me to unwind and clear my head, so I can wake up relaxed for the beginning of a new day. Music is a great part of anyones life, as no matter the emotion you feel at any given time, there is a song that allows you to feel and express that emotion.

Overall this project allowed me to become more comfortable infront of the camera, and gave me insight to how others feel when I photograph them. I think if I were to have done anything differently I would have like to include some personal objects that mean something to me, as this gives the viewers an insist as to who I am. I also feel a lot of my photographs are staged so does that still make it a documentary of my day if it has been set up? I have photographed the activities which were in my day? Well that is for you to decide.


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