Greater than the Whole

Last week we were set a new task called ‘Greater than the Whole’ and the aim was to ‘Produce cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily portrayed in its entirety of one frame.’

I must admit, I did have to read over the aim of the brief a few times to fully understand what was being asked. However during the lecture a man named ‘David Hockney’ was mentioned, so I knew that was going to be my starting point. I looked into his work and noticed how he took multiple images to create one single frame. This allowed me to finally grasp what the aim of the brief was.

So I decided to give his style of photography a test drive. My first attempt was more of a test to see how to take the photograph’s and how many to take. David Hockney tends to take a lot of photograph’s, so as this was my first attempt I chose to not take so many. This particular image does not relate to the brief as much about a subject not fitting into one frame.

My second attempt was more aimed towards the brief, a city or town is not able to be captured in one single frame, this is why  chose to photograph a landscape of Coventry at night. This was made in photoshop by going to File – Automate – photomerge – you then select the type of collage you with to create. This then aligns the images together. This is when you are able to move or delete images you feel do not work well with the collage.


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