During the week, we were introduced to a device known as the light meter. Once you become acquainted with this, your photograph’s will never be the same again. The light meter allows you to pre-visualise what your photograph will look like before taking it,  the device itself only has a few buttons so it is really easy to navigate around and get used to. The white switch (known as the infra-cone)  allows the sensor to be covered or uncovered, you want to make sure the switch is covering the sensor.

There are multiple settings that can be used in different types of lighting situations. You can access these by clicking on the MODE button until you reach your desired setting, these settings include :

AMBIENT: (Sun Symbol)

Ambient means the natural light that is available within the scene you are about to photograph. This does not include the light that that you might want to personally add such as flash. This setting is most likely to be used if you were to photograph during a sunny day or even at night, the light meter on this setting will help determine what aperture(f-number) and shutter speed would be needed to get the right exposure.

FLASH: (Lightning Symbol)

This is used when using a flash


This is when you are using flash that is attached by a cable


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