Dear Jade, 2013

There are many things that one wants to achieve in life, but here are a few goals you set yourself a year ago.

Firstly, you wanted to achieve a higher confidence, not just in ones work, but also in yourself. You felt that you critized your own work to a point where you might start again or even plan a completely different idea. However, now you should have found that you are not so critical of your work, and instead you find the good within it and push yourself to make it a higher standard. Regrading having confidence in yourself, you found that you were always holding back when asked a question. You were always worried about answering wrong, even if you knew the answer was right. Now you should have found that you are able to answer question freely, as even if the answer is wrong, its shows that you are willing to try, listen and learn from your mistakes.

Secondly, whilst writing this letter you did not know what genre of photography you felt you could excel in, this made it difficult to see what the future held as you were unsure on the type of industry you wanted to progress into. You should now have found a type of genre that you feel comfortable in and are able to produce a high standard work, which makes you continue to push yourself so you can enter that set field in the photography industry.

Thirdly, you did not feel you were very technically advanced in both digital and analogue, you knew the basics but you did not experiment deep enough. You now should have learnt a variety of new and old techniques in which you can introduce to multiple projects to form interesting and unique photograph’s, this will make your mark in the photography industry.

Fourthly, you found that you would always concentrate on the projects that were given rather than having self directed projects. You should have done some projects outside of the course, to learn a wider range of skills aswell as experimenting with natural lighting in different environments. This should have made you more confident when taking photograph’s in public.

Finally, during your interview at Coventry you were asked to name a photographer from i-D Magazine in which you froze and could not think of one. Your aim was to know a wide range of photographer’s in which you can describe their history of photographic work with ease. You should have learnt a range of well known photographer’s in which you have drawn inspiration from to help you establish how competitive the photography industry is, this then helps you push your work into a higher direction in the future.

Now you have read this letter, you should be thinking if you have achieved these aims, and should now be thinking about what new aims you can achieve in the next year.

Yours Faithfully,

Jade, 2012


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